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Our goal and mission at VCADHC is to prevent the expensive costs associated with recurrent hospital and emergency room visits, as well as entrance into a SNF, or psychiatric hospital.  Our organization runs from a person-centered medical model, which includes services such as:

  • Complete nursing staff (RN, LVN, CNAs) that are able to assist with blood sugar/pressure checks, personal care, and medication monitoring.  They are available to be a conduit between the participant and the PCP.
  • Therapy including: Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy
  • Full social services staff(MSW, LCSW) available to assist the participant with accessing resources, making appointments, and for any psychosocial needs the participant may have.
  • Dietary services in order to provide dietary counseling and diabetes education.

The cost of our program is a flat fee that is billed through Gold Coast Managed Care, Kaiser Permenante and/or Long-Term Health Insurance.

Our R.Ns communicate with each PCP in order to tailor each participant’s treatment plan to minimize the risk of hospital readmission.

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